Radio Frequency

How does the Radio Frequency treatment work?

The radio frequency energy is directed onto the skin through optical gel which is applied before treatment. The radio frequency energy works by heating the dermal (ie lower) layers of your skin without having to pass directly through the epidermis (the surface skin) so that skin is maximally protected. The heat energy being delivered to the lower layers is absorbed by the many water molecules present in this area. The water molecules then begin to vibrate from the energy delivered causing additional frictional heat.

The neurotransmitters to the brain interpret this delivery of heat to the lower layers of the skin as being a perceived threat/potential injury and the body responds to this by stimulating collagen with the further benefit of tightening elastin fibres. This is the body’s natural reparative response and how it would deal with wound healing. The result is tighter, firmer, younger looking skin. There is also a freshness and youthfulness that results from the treatment due to the excitation of the water molecules which produces high levels of oxygenation (water being made up of part hydrogen and part oxygen). Oxygen stimulation below the skin surface promotes general skin health (assisting with acne and other scarring) in addition to the lifting and tightening that the technology is most well known for.

Who can have treatment?

Radio frequency is a safe non-invasive treatment and can be used on all skin types. It is very popular with clients – male and female, over the age of 35, as it is excellent at restoring elasticity, smoothing out lines and wrinkles and bringing about a more youthful looking complexion. As mentioned it is also used to help with acne scarring. So clients range in age from people in their 20’s to those in their 80’s! Men and women, and all skin colours.

What results can I expect and when?

Obviously results will vary depending on skin laxity and condition, which is usually dependent on age and lifetyle. Advice wil be given at your consultation as to what sort of results you can expect and some before and after examples will be shown to you, using the equipment that you will be treated with.

Many clients see a noticeable result even after one treatment and there is a cumulative effect as time passes. Results are often noticed by family and friends after a few treatments. The results are, and look, completely natural; and the treatments provide genuine long lasting effects at a cellular level – not just superficial muscle tightening. Skin looks smoother, fresher, firmer, and more lifted. Skin condition improves and a general healthy more vibrant appearance results – bringing llife back to sallow and dull complexions as well as eradicating lines and wrinkles. We recommend before and after photos are taken throughout your course, so that you can see the improvements.

What areas can be treated most effectively with Radio Frequency?

Best results are usually seen on the face, neck and decolletage. It is good for loose jaw lines, nasal labial folds (those lines from nose to mouth), lines and wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead, under eye bags and circles, and generally skin that has aged chronologically and through exposure to damaging environmental elements such as the sun, smoking, wind in the winter months, alcohol and poor hydration over the years.

How does the treatment feel?

The treatment feels pleasantly warm and comfortable. It is a heat based treatment with the heat being delivered from the inside out, using safe and comfortable technology and administered by a specifically trained therapist. The therapist will work on each area of your face (and neck/decolletage if required) one by one – to raise temperature up to the optimum level for collagen stimulation and results. An infra red temperature aid will enable this to be monitored. You can relax and enjoy it!

How many treatments will I need?

We usually recommend a course of 8 – 10 treatments but this does depend on age and skin condition/laxity. Thereafter occasional maintenance treatments are advised. Your therapist will provide a free consultation and suggest how many treatments are recommended in your circumstances. Sometimes clients elect to have one off treatments for a special event. But for long lasting results (up to 2 years depending on age and lifestyle) a course will be needed. For older clients (60 years and above), for maximum results a second course could be required after the first.

There is no limit to the amount of treatments you can have, and the treatments come with a warning… you may get addicted to the new you and the compliments that are often received!

How long do I have to wait in between treatments?

Treatments can be taken as regularly as twice a week, but most people have treatments every week or every two weeks whilst they are on their course. If your budget doesn’t allow for this you can take treatments monthly. The results will just take a little longer to come through. After the initial course you can take a break and then either book in for another course 3 months later (for older clients or clients with more compromised skin) or you can have occasional maintenance treatments. Don’t forget that as time goes by you are continuing to age and are regularly exposed to environmental hazards which will take their toll and perpetuate the ageing process. These treatments are combating that, but will not last for ever as you are always ageing, so arrange a review session with your therapist once you have completed a course.

What do I need to do in between treatments?

Before treatments you must drink plenty of water so that you get the most out of your treatments. The more water molecules in the skin the easier it is for the skin to heat up and prompt the reparative response of collagen stimulation and oxygen production. Otherwise just turn up with or without make up. Your therapist can remove make up and you will be able to reapply after treatment.

What will happen after the treatment?

After the treatment there will be a more flushed look to the skin. For those with a sallow skin tone this will usually generate a very healthy appearance. For those with initial red skin tones there may be a higher than usual skin colour but this will generally subside quickly (within an hour or two usually). The skin will feel warm but this will cool after a relatively short period. You will feel a tautness and probably notice an improvement in texture and a more lifted look to the skin. Make up can be applied immediately and you can carry on with your day as usual, confident that you are on the path to a naturally younger looking you! Any other questions of course can be answered in a free consultation.

Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing or Cryolipolysis, is the #1 non invasive fat reduction treatment available. It requires no surgery and has little to no downtime. in addition, it eliminates pesky fat bulges in problem areas using cryolipolysis, a cooling technology.

How much does Fat Freezing cost?

It is a very affordable procedure typically starting at $800. there are also several ways to save money on sessions with discounts and new client deals.

Is Fat Freezing permanent?

Fat Freezing is a long-lasting fat reduction treatment. once fat cells exit the body as waste, they never return or regrow. therefore, the treatment provides a long-term fat reduction if the patient maintains a healthy weight. 

What happens to that fat that’s frozen during the treatment?

once the fat cells are frozen, their membrane crystallizes. the body then metabolizes and eliminates those dead cells naturally.

 Does Fat Freezing work?

yes, it works. it is fda-cleared to reduce fat cells in a problem area. some studies show that it reduces 25% of fat at the treatment site in just one cycle.

How much fat reduction can be expected after a Fat Freezing treatment?

typically, patients see up to a 24% reduction in fat in their target treatment area.

Can more than one area be treated in one session?

yes, you can select more than one area to treat. Typically two areas are treated at a time. when you select a consultation, you can discuss this with your the specialist.

Does Fat Freezing hurt?

Fat Freezing is virtually painless. it is tolerable with little to no downtime needed. patients may experience a tugging or intense feeling of coldness at the treatment site. once this ends, the patients relax and enjoy the remainder of the session.

Can the intense coolness damage my skin or cause frostbite?

no. Fat Freezing was created to deliver precise and controlled cooling. using cryolipolysis, treatments target the cells below the skin layer and do not damage the skin or cause frostbite.

Can you Fat Freeze at home?

no, diy Fat Freezing does not work. it is dangerous. DIY uses ice packs to mimic the cooling of a professional machine. Freezing both skin and fat leaves them at risk for thermal damage and frostbite. Ice packs will never mimic the temperatures Fat Fezzing provides. Fat Freezing should only be performed by a professional for safety reasons.

Is Fat Freezing right for me?

Fat Freezing is a treatment for reducing fat on a healthy, active adult struggling with stubborn bulges. it is never used as a weight-loss treatment or to cure obesity. if you are not sure if you are the right candidate, you can be evaluated by a provider.

When will i see results?

Fat Freezing results can be seen within 8 to 12 weeks. some people may see them sooner. the fat reduction continues for up to 6 months after your sessions are over. individual experience may vary.

Can i improve my results?

Fat freezing treatments provide exceptional results. you can, however, improve those results by following a healthy diet and starting a regular exercise routine. doing each of these will enhance your fat reduction and increase the longevity of your fat-freezing results.

What areas can you sculpt?

Fat Freezing is cleared to treat areas that typically carry excess fat cells. these areas include the stomach, love handles, thighs, arms, thighs, below the buttocks, fat above the knee, and more. to learn about the areas you can treat, schedule a consultation with a provider.

 Is Fat Freezing dangerous?

The treatment is fda cleared. it is also scientifically proven as safe and effective with no chance for adverse risks or side effects.

Do i need to do anything special before or after the Fat Freezing treatment?

nothing special is required before or after your treatment. however, it is recommended that you adopt healthy lifestyle habits after your sessions. clean eating and regular exercise help you obtain noticeable fat reduction results.

What happens if i gain weight after my treatment?

Many people commit to eating better and working out more after their cooling sessions. however, if you do gain weight, it may obscure your results. while no more fat cells can grow, the fat cells in the surrounding areas may expand, causing your results to go unnoticed due to the excessive weight gain.